Breaking Bad Habits {Post + Playlist}

Breaking Bad Habits {Post + Playlist}

Bad habits have this horrible invasive way of spiraling into our lives preventing us from being the productive kick ass humans we know we are. They can eat away at our free time and leave you feeling unfulfilled. A bad habit is pretty much anything you do on a regular basis (generally subconsciously) which is not productive or for any purpose. These can range from nail biting, to compulsively checking your phone/social media, boredom eating or not to more serious things.
The first and hardest step to breaking a bad habit is identifying what yours is. Some people have more then one, but let’s take a moment to think and identify what it is. Once you’ve identified the problem, you’re already half way to solving the issue.

Now that you’re aware of what your bad habit is, you have to consciously think about not doing it. When you do it, you have to mentally snap out of it. Why do you do it? Is it fulfilling boredom? Taking place of nerves? Whatever the reason behind the habit you have to work on fulfilling the part of your life you’re missing.

One idea that could potentially work is what I coined, “replacement therapy”. Whenever you go to act on that bad habit, do something else instead. Instead of checking your phone for the 738291 time, go on a run or chip away on the long term assignment you have looming over your head. It might be a good idea to have a mental or even a physical list of potential acts you could do to replace the bad habit.
Here’s a playlist with songs following the theme of bad habits to get you through your week. Perhaps you could even listen to these songs instead of acting on your bad habit.


1. Bad Habit- The Kooks 

2. Stuck in the Moment You Can’t Get Out Of -U2

3. It’s been a while -stained 

4. Clean -Taylor Swift 

5. She Talks to Angels -The Black Crowes

6. Californiacation -RHCP

7. Sober -Pink

8. Cornerstone- Arctic Monekys

9. Dog Days Are Over -Florence and the Machine

10. Fighter -Christina Aguilera

11. I can see clearly now – Jimmy Cliff

12. Mistakes Like This -Prelow

What do you think? What’s your bad habit? What’s your favorite song?

With love,
Anna B

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