10 TOO Trendy Trends

10 TOO Trendy Trends
10 TOO Trendy Trends


You know those trends that just become, well, too trendy? Everyone is wearing them and in turn it feels more like a cult then a passing fashion fad? These are the top 10 trends that I think have just become overdone in the past year. Yes, I do wear versions of some of these trend, and yes this post is 55% sarcastic satire. I’m not shaming people for flocking to these trends. They’re easy to wear especially for someone just beginning a blog or wanting to look cool in high school/college. Trends become trends because they’re super easy for a lot of different people to wear, I just find these trends to have lost their identity.

1. Imitation Vans

Steve Madden slip on shoes
$61 – shoeme.ca

More expensive then actual vans, these shoes are sweeping the feet of girls everywhere. Most popular in the quilted pattern, Jeffery Campbell, Circus by Sam Edelman and Nasty Gal have released versions of this shoe with a platform, horse hair, various patterns, and also in white, great, beige, etc. Vans are also becoming more popular in people who are against being trendy but still follow trends.

2. Bomber Jackets

Topshop green jacket
$72 – topshop.com

I’ve seen this most popular in green, or a black and white version. Most popular from TopShop, or ASOS or Pacsun. These are a great jacket and people have developed takes on them in a satin fabric, or other types for various season and events.

3. Stan Smith Adidas

Adidas shoes

Once again, I’ve seen this most popular in the green color. Adidas sneakers in the past year/ year and a half have become the IT sneaker of the world on both boys and girls. Most traditionally in the classic All Star look with three black stripes and a white base. Much like the slip on shoe trend however, I’ve noticed the truly trendy where this shoe in the green Stan Smith finish.

4. Wrap Necklaces

An extension of the plain black choker trend, lariats and wrap necklaces have become overwhelming since this past spring. Perhaps its how effortless someone can look edgy with one of these wrapped around their neck. Usually the leather pieces are finished with metal beads on either end.

5. Off The Shoulder

Off the shoulder trend has been seen in every variation imaginable including jumpsuits, dresses, and shirts this summer. The most common and basic version of this trend has definitely been blue and white vertical striped shirts, generally from TopShop, Zara, or Mango. That same style with the stripes has also been seen in numerous dresses. Personally I feel the blue and white striped look will fade with summer.

6. High Waisted Denim With Knee Rips

This trend has been sweeping the nation for about two years now. In my area the most popular version is black high waisted skinny jeans, or classic blue ones with the signature knee rips. Almost every store, directed for every demographic has incorporated knee rips for the past two years but the skin tight black ones seem most popular. Most of these trends work together and I find if someone is wearing a pair of these jeans they’re sure to be channeling at least one other if not more of these trends. The personal appeal to these pants is the tight slimming fit, and the high waist which hides people’s unwanted areas while giving the allusion of a bigger back side.

7. LF Black Lace Up Shirt

LF’s clothes really are the epitome of a style cult, girls who wear a lot of LF I find to be very match and their whole friend group will match. The most recent trend that has been everywhere, and I mean everywhere, is the lace up trend. Any it girl or want to be it girl will own a LF shirt with the lace up detail. Most commonly I’ve seen this shirt this in black, perhaps because it’s the perfect transition color for cooler months.8. Cheetah Print Jacket

This trend has been around for ages, big luxurious fur jackets have been a staple in lavish woman’s closes since the time of head wraps and Hollywood existed. However, out of all the fur and faux fur out there, cheetah print jackets and other entities seem to be more popular then ever.

9. Reflective Sunglasses

From aviators to cat eye, reflective sunglasses are chic and effortless addition to any cool girls outfit. They block your eyes, generally take up a majority of your face and are perfect when paired with a pout or smirk. I’ve seen a high resurgence of green reflective lens in the world of fashion however this summer, the eyewear trend has been dominated by imitation Dior glasses. I’ve seen these most commonly on Wildfox.

10. Black and White Stripes

Black and white striped shirt have been super popular since this past fall and winter, and they see to be continuing to rule in the upcoming year. Most commonly featuring a turtle neck or faux turtle neck, these striped numbers are usually skin tight and accompanied by the black jeans and slip on shoes. If you become super into this trend, you’ll have more then one variation of a black and white striped shirt in your closets itinerary.

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