Opposites Attract OOTD

Opposites Attract OOTD

When I first saw this dress, loosely dangling on the hanger among a sea of bright colors and patterns under the florescent lighting of my near by Target, my initial reaction was, eh. After trying it on and admiring the unique floral pattern I decided that this would be a great addition to my closet.


It’s trendy with the off shoulder detailing and loose layer over the bust, plus it’s a flattering fit with the waist elastic, however it’s the color scheme that got me. For any of you artists out there you might be familiar with the color wheel? Even if you’re not familiar here’s a picture:


As you can see, each color has a color opposite to it. When painting, you can make awesome shadows in your picture by mixing the color of an object with the color opposite of it. However, with fabric mixing opposite colors can sometimes be a little more tricky; if it’s the wrong shades a piece will be ruined.  This dress avoids the garish clash of colors despite being comprised of a mostly blue and orange scheme. Instead of clashing I find the orange flowers pop against the blue background. To further play up the “opposites attract” theme in the dress pattern I layered a bright orange beaded lariet or wrap styled necklace.



Wearing: Lace Up Sandals: Chinese Laundry | Dress: Target | Necklace: Gifted to me

I decided to go crazy bringing back some huge hoop earrings, square sunglasses to counter the hoops, and my super fun and summery tassel sandals!

This dress will also be perfect to transition into the fall because of the orangey flowers!

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and how it breaks traditional fashion rules!


Anna B

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