Cactus Craze (OOTD)

Cactus Craze (OOTD)

For a casual evening going to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Upstate New York and catching up with family friends I donned a cactus themed outfit. As summer slowly fades into fall the evenings tend to cool off. Besides that, my other justification for these distressed mom styled jeans is that during the summer many restaurants and stores have their air conditioning on full blast, so while shorts may be more comfortable outside; inside will be frigid.

My shirt is second hand from Buffalo Exchange featuring trendy contrast colored sleeves and kneck hole complete with a cactus and burnt orange colored orange heart. My pants were a $10 sale steal from Zara with embroidery of multiple things such as little flowers, MLNO, and most prominently a huge cactus.

To pick up the orange in the shirt I slid into my thong styled bright orange Birkenstocks. Earlier this summer a good friend of mine adventured into the Western portion of the US and brought me back a hand carved arrow head on a piece of super soft Western leather strap, so I access prized my outfit with that.

The cactus/western symbols in this outfit and the light color scheme keep it summery while the pants help transition it to the almost (but not quite) fall evenings.

What do you think?

With love,

Anna B






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