Loafer Life (Fall Trend)

Loafer Life (Fall Trend)

Last fall, ankle boots ruled the runway continuing into the winter, the spring, and even this past Summer’s seasons. Dozens of styles and takes featuring leather, plastics, heels, cut outs, and everything else you could imagine have been produced. Although ankle boots are definitely here to stay, there’s another emerging footwear trend on the horizon: LOAFERS.

Yes I did see you flinch. Peoples brows furrow, they cringe, they say it sounds like something their grandma would wear, however the fashion icons and runway gods have spoken and people are slowly coming around. Here’s my argument for loafers, why I love them, and why they are here to stay.

Yes. I do love ankle boots but with some pants they simply do not work! Unfortunately all my pants don’t expose my ankle so sometimes with skinny jeans or other types of pants I get unwanted bunching, but loafers cut off more like a flat so this won’t happen.

Secondly, they’re comfortable! There’s a lot of trends out there that really are not practical or just not conifer ankle to the everyday person. For instance I love the way the off the shoulder trend looks but when you’re moving around the shirts tend to creep up on your shoulders. Shoe trends espceailly with high heels and pointed toes can be restricting so to provide people with a practical easy to slip on and style shoe, why are you still arguing? Embrace this comfortable godsend!!!

If you don’t believe me, check out designers such as Gucci and Prada who’ve released awesome slip on loafers this


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