Picky in the Best Way 

Picky in the Best Way 

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but  this particular life lesson is long overdue. Being picky when it comes to food and life experiences is definitely a negative, but with things like friends, clothes, and time it is crucial to your happiness. This past year I have put a lot of energy into things that I enjoy, and the world keeps giving back wonderful things in return. The theme of positive karma is relevant (if you put good in you’ll get good out.)

I started my own company (here!), my blog has blossomed and grown, I have great friends, I run a fundraiser, and I have an AMAZING internship that is rewarding. However…in the past year I began making compromises without realizing it.

The first compromise was with my clothes. This is a point I’ll return to in another post as well but in sum, I got sucked into the world of fast fashion (cheap clothes that focus on immediate trend). Although many of my outfits allow me to stand out, I succumbed to a number of silly trends and wasted money on cheap clothing. This is something I’ve been working on remedying in a big way which I hope has been evident in the quality of my posts.

The next point is a big one. BE PICKY WITH YOUR FRIENDS. The people you surround yourself with influence you in a huge way, you adapt their attitudes, habits and sometimes opinions. Although I cut the people who were obviously toxic out of my life last year, this past year I had allowed people with bad vibes to linger. People with low life ambitions, who fed my insecurities instead of allowing me to focus on happiness. One person my other friends didn’t like, my significant other didn’t like, and overall they contributed no positivity to my life yet I let them facilitate my unhappiness for no apparent reason. Biggest life lesson from my experience: Surround yourself with people who make you happy and benefit your life. If they aren’t giving you something (happiness, support, love, positivity) they’re probably taking.

Finally, being picky with your time is going to make your life flourish. This also ties in with your friend choices, surround yourself with people who don’t waste your time. Besides friends you need to be picky with the time you give yourself: pick three things, just three things you want to focus on in your life. Three goals and prioritize them. Instead of being scattered, putting partial effort into multiple things make goals and don’t stop or compromise the goals until they’re achieved. Spreading yourself too thin will prevent you from succeeding because you won’t have enough time to put into anything. Being a great multi tasker will not make you successful but putting your focus into smaller tasks, and completing them will allow you to build towards success.

What are your goals? I want to hear how you people are going to be picky in a good way!

With love,

Anna B



  1. Sandy Butler
    August 7, 2016 / 11:29 am

    Love this! So very true. Thank you, Anna!

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