Switzerland Style

Switzerland Style

This is the second installment of my Europe trip where I will be focusing on the looks I wore in Switzerland!!! To read part one click here!


Wearing: Dress | Birkenstocks

Switzerland was a two day scramble jam packed with activities. Unfortunately a lot of day one was spent traveling to our hotel although we did stop a few times along the way for another perspective of the Alps, snacks, and scenery. Our hotel was complete with a giant swing set and fields to roam (plus look at the mountains!!! Have I mentioned in in love with mountains???)

For comfort in the bus rides and for the highest temperatures of the trip I slipped into a dark blue floral patterned dress with a super trendy off the shoulder detail. Unlike other versions of off the shoulder though this dress had a nifty horizontal strap connecting the two shoulder straps so the dress actually stayed in place very well; assisted further by the hip accentuating elastic in the waist. I love how whimsical but muted the colors are. To pick up the colors in the flowers I wore my thong styled bright bright traffic cone orang Birkenstocks! Easy and breezy look.

Mt. Pilatus, Swiss Alps:

Wearing: Leggings | Shirt (Borrowed from friend) | Hat (courtesy of purchasing a ticket) | Birkenstocks

My second day in the land of chocolate and mountains was spent physically exerting myself exploring the jaw dropping Mt. Pilatus. Due to rainy weather the night before, the whole mountain was encased in a thick layer of fog which lent to the experience of feeling like we were quite literally in a cloud. The fog also made everything colder and damp. Although many were upset they weren’t going to be able to see the life changing view they had been promised, I feel the fog made our experience both unique and more interesting. For instance, the cable car ride up was super dreamy:

My psychedelic swirl patterned pants with knee patch details and mesh cut outs on the calves let my super sporty look be more fashion forward. Despite the colder temperatures and inclined walking, I stuck with my trusty Birkenstocks because it was supposed to rain and traveling with wet sneakers is a recipe for bad smells, extra weight, and overall grossness.

With love, expect my Germany installment to launch soon! My love and prayers go to Munich today as well.

Anna B


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