Law of Attraction (In regards to my shoes)

Law of Attraction (In regards to my shoes)

Call me hokey or nonsensical, but I was raised in a house hold where self help, meditation, and yoga was rampant. There can never be enough talking about problems and more importantly solutions, there never was/is a secret, and we don’t even own scales because my mom never wanted us worrying about a number. Maybe you don’t agree with their ideas, I certainly don’t agree with every single practice but some of them have heavily influenced me.

One idea is the Law of Attraction best put by trusty Wikipedia, “the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.”

So lets say you fear finical instability and you focus on it all the time, you’re terrified of not having enough money, of losing your money etc…then low and behold you lose it all. According to the Law of Attraction, you attracted the negative energy. To the same essence though, if you addressed your fear by envisioning a feeling of finical comfort, you imagined only good things happening to your money and wealth, you could attract finical security to your life.

To sum it up, the law of attraction is a way to change your mindset. I don’t know if it works, and things in life are never as black and white as examples like the one I gave above, but I do believe the universe works in funny ways and thinking positively will never be a negative.

How does this relate to my shoes?

About a year ago I made a post, Monochrome and one of the items in that post were an awesome pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. These reflective iridescent stripy shoes with a thick white rubber sole were about $89 at the time, cheap for Jeffrey Campbell but a little more then I was looking to splurge. I was superficially upset, and eventually moved on eventually letting the shoes fade into the back of my mind. Upon reviewing my past years post I stumbled upon the shoes again and I was disappointed that I didn’t buy them at the time because they are now sold out at places like Urban Outfitters, but I remained positive.

Two weeks ago I was running a quick errand to a local TJ Max to grab a pack of white t shirts for an upcoming trip, and there on the sale table was THE shoes from over a year ago. The only pair they had, my size and guess how much? Please take a second and guess. They were $7.99. Obviously I bought them and featured them in an OOTD post earlier this week.

They have earned me endless compliments and continue to be a unique eye-catching addition to my closet.

Do you have similar stories? Whats your opinion on the Law of Attraction? And more importantly are these shoes sick or what???

With love,

Anna B



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