DIY: White Canvas Shoes

It’s summer, the season of white and light fabrics such as linen, canvas, cotton, and tule. Although umber lends itself to sandals, flip flops and beaches, theres just some days where either your itinerary or your outfit demands a close toed shoe. White canvas sneakers, aka Converse, Vans, or Superga to the general public, are the easy slip on and go solution.

My problem with this easy solution is that shoes touch the ground, and to be frank the ground can be a gross place especially in the city or walking anywhere where there is dirt and the white canvas of my shoes seems like a magnet for filth. Although you can often toss canvas nears into the washer and let them dry, I’ve also discovered an even more creative and fun way to camouflage the filth.


  • Sharpies or Fabric Markers (I used just black regular tip sharpies)
  • White Canvas Shoes

*If you don’t want to splurge on a air of nice brand name shoes there are tons of nock offs especially of vans. Check out super cheap versions HERE and HERE or HERE …by the time we are done with them they are going to be an original piece of artwork so it doesn’t matter if you rock the knock offs!*


  1. Feel free to skip this step if you’re an expert doodler! If you are hesitant or looking for inspiration go to Google (or Yahoo or whatever else floats your boat) and type in key words such as “sharpie designs”, “easy sharpie designs”, “sharpie doodles”. I included a few simple designs below:
  2. Do a few practice doodles on a piece of scrap paper and try and develop a thee white its flowers, shapes, a certain type of pattern etc. I kinda just went wild but I like the way they look.
  3. If your shoes have laces, unlace them !
  4. Take the shoe and the sharpie (or fabric marker) and let your imagination roam free. Don’t worry about making mistakes your shoe should be a representation of you and chances are, people aren’t going to be looking at your feet close enough or long enough to notice a little mishap here and there.
  5. TADA you are done! You should now have a lovely and wonderful original design that is both quirky and cute.

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Avocado Socks found on Inu Inu

What do you think of mine?

With love,

Anna B


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