Summer "Sickness"

Summer "Sickness"

So we’ve all heard of or experienced “Spring Fever”, when the cold melts away and we’re suddenly rejuvenated with new found energy and inspiration. But what about when the subtle warmth becomes sticky heat filled with humidity and the days seem to stretch just a little too long? Since school has let out for the summer, I am suddenly blessed with hours of free time that I did not previously have.

Is blessed the right word though? I’ve found the difficulty level of my many projects and ideas seem to only have been relative to how I had very little free time to complete the tasks during the school year. Since I now have endless time to do as I please and complete my projects at a leisurely pace, I find them dangerously underwhelming. Have I dreamed to small? I see and read about other peoples accomplishments and feel intimidated. I need to start making an effort to motivate myself and stop settling, since when have I been okay settling for mediocrity? When did I make that okay for myself?

In a recent I-D Magazine article I read (here), Mandi Lennare, head of creativity consultancy Mandi’s Basment gives a huge amount of insight for those entering the fashion industry, all of it is definitely worth the read but the most stand out quote I found was:

“I didn’t want to be like anyone else. I wasn’t worried about fitting in. I was paranoid about being regarded as ordinary. What’s your thing? What’s important to you? Create your own set of values. Keep a focus. What’s the point in doing anything you never set out to do? If you can’t afford cashmere, you’re just going to have to be imaginative!”

This quote strikes a chord in me. I hate being regarded as average, as normal, I do not want to blend in. I do have strong ideas and goals, and I am innovative and full of problem solvinging capabilities. Reading these words reinvigorated me to stay hungry for my goals.

In regards to my goals, I’m not ready to share them just yet,  I need to make lists and structure my days and take advantage of my free time. Once I have my ideas out of the planning stage I will eagerly share them with you.

Hopefully my new found drive will be reflected in improved, less stereotypical content.

With love,

Anna B




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