DIY: Bohemian Jewlery Display

DIY: Bohemian Jewlery Display

If you’re anything like me you toss your jewelry off into a big tangle in your jelwery box or on your dresser because you’re exhausted after a long day of being a #girlboss. My room and style tends to lend itself towards shabby chic so i decided to whole heartidly embrace this idea with this personalized DIY.

Because this project was designed exactly for my room, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone but it is easily adaptable and the essence of it can be applied to a lot of styles and lifestyles. The idea struck me when I was face for the upteenth time with a tangled mess of jewelry:IMG_0140.JPG

I realized that I love my jewelry, many of the pieces are unique and intricate, and obviously I can’t wear it all at once but that doesn’t mean I have to hide it away in a box or drawer; instead my jewlery when its not adorning my body can be a beautiful addition to my room!!!



  • Suede String (found at Micheal’s) [twine or wire or leather could easily work]
  • Clothing pins (optional and best suited for smaller jewelry displays)
  • [OPTIONAL] A pole (in my case a hand carved stick)
  • Frame suited for the place you want to hang the jewelry {I skipped this step because my shelves turned out to be the perfect distance apart}



  1. Cut a strand of whatever “rope” you are using, for my look I wanted a more textured look so I braided the suede string together. For a cleaner look go with one or two strands. A bonus to the braid is that you can tuck earrings into the braid and they’ll stay hanging.
  2. If you’re using a frame or something to that equivalent, just substitute the word frame wherever I say shelf supports. Also, check out DIYs HERE for other types of jewelry displays.
  3. Tie the ropes from one end of the shelf support to the other shelf support to make a “tight rope” of sorts. Double or tripple knot them to ensure that they stay.
  4. For the bottom rope that I hung my sunglasses on I used grappling hooks to clip the braids to the shelf supports.IMG_0144.JPG
  5. I used a hand carved stick that my brother gave to me to add more dimension and a sturdier bar to hang heavier necklaces from.IMG_0146.JPG
  6. Finally, hang your various necklaces, earrings, and jewels for the world to see. I find that being able to see my jewelry all laid out has actually made it easier for me to pick it in the morning. I toss my earrings and everyday rings into little hand crafted bowls and boxes that I have picked up from my travels.

Leave any links to How Tos you use to organize in the comment section!!! It may be summer but I am still spring cleaning,




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