The Dog Days Are Over

The Dog Days Are Over

Wearing: Dress (Vintage) | Crop Top | Choker | Platforms

The last time I wore this dress I was in eighth grade and a girl in my class told me that I forgot to take my apron from Wood Shop off, ah the memories associated with clothes.


That being said, I love the style of this dress. Something about it is so reminiscent of high fashion with the linear details such as the shoulder straps rising from an exposed button above the pockets and the pockets themselves which are located dramatically low with orange colored zig zag stitches. The linear details continue with the exposed front zipper and the neck tie that crosses over the sweet heart inspired neckline. Details like stitching, buttons, and buckles are what make me really fall in love with a piece.


Mustard coloring has been seen in a lot of ribbed shirts and skirts, especially mustard yellow suede and I feel this dress is a good take on that. To make the neckline of the dress pop I layered it over a white ribbed crop top from Top Shop with a wide neckline and a simple choker from ASOS.Wearing my hair up accentuates the layered necklines.


On my feet I slipped on some quirk based stretchy platforms. The orange and brown of the shoe perfectly complements the yellow of the dress. Although a fall color scheme, I feel the canvas materiel of the dress and the airy style of my loose bun makes this look perfect for a summer day.

(Also if you didn’t notice, this is one of my dogs and he is one of the most magnificent creatures I’ve ever seen. He wanted to join this photo shoot and was a perfect model sitting and turning his head whichever way I turned mine.)


Anna B

PS: I posted the featured image HERE and other outfit updates HERE


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  1. June 28, 2016 / 3:04 pm

    Love the dress.
    Let’s follow each other! 😀

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