Drop Dead Red

Drop Dead Red

Wearing: Midi Skirt | Sneakers (brand, not specific pair) | Muscle Tee

I felt like I was channeling a grunge scene in this outfit, with my own personal twists of course. I slipped into a tight fitting red and blue based plaid skirt, its a graphic printed skirt so the fabric isn’t plaid on both sides. Red plaid really channels a 90 grunge style with the lumber jack red flannels that were tied around peoples waists and it also channels a British rock sentiment of the tight red plaid printed skinny jeans. This skirt could easily be dressed up with a pair of velvet heels and crop top but I tried to create a more casual style and I have o say I think that I was successful.


On top I wore a graphic “America” black muscle tee with red and beige accent colors. Tying the normally loose hem of it added more dimension and complimented the waist line by creating a linear look for the eye to follow.

IMG_1744.JPGMy feet were comfortably cradled in my special addition Adidas Superstars, which coincidentally were a perfect touch with their red detailing.


Finally, for my daily (hair) do I adapted the trendy half up half down top knot style with two space buns. I left little twirling tendrils of hair to frame my face and I coated my eyelashes with some Covergirl mascara.

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  1. June 1, 2016 / 6:18 am

    Totally luv this whole style

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