My Least Favorite Trend

My Least Favorite Trend

Now there’s not many trends I completely dislike. I may not style all the current trends for myself, but I can usually see the appeal, however there is one trend that has zero appeal to me.

Camouflage. *shudders*

This pattern has been incorporated into streetwear style since the early hip hop scene and saw a big resurgence in menswear in 2013. Now the trend is popping up in many popular stores such as Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters and more. I’m sure there is one or two individual pieces I could style, but overall I would avoid camo and heres why.

  1. It can look tacky. When I think of camouflage I think of small town vibes. I think of country boys who like to live a “tough and rough” life style. Nothing about it invokes a high fashion feel. While designers such as Valentino have glamoured it up and its argued to have an urban feel, overall
  2. The Concept. The idea of camouflage is to blend in. Its meant to look like mud, dirt and foliage. Personally the design whether its a modified version or not does no please my eyes.
  3. Its original meaning. Traditional camouflage has too much military association; while many clothing trends derive from a purpose such as tule skirts coming from ballet something about camo just is too similar to gun control issues in my heart.

Of course, as always this is just my opinion. I am sure that there is some sort of camo accent piece I could tolerate, but as of now this trend is definitely not something you will catch me styling.

QOTD: What’s you’re opinion on camo? Why?




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