So…Its Been a While

So…Its Been a While

Please please please forgive me, this blog is my child and like a bad mother I’ve been ignoring it instead of nurturing and garnishing it with attention! Accept this peculiar Tuesday post as my peace offering. The fact of the matter is, I run a lifestyle blog; the blog doesn’t run me. Unfortunately, my life has become a hectic spiral lately and I’ve found it hard to get the motivation to get up and go let alone get up and blog about it.

Recently school has been bogging me down, I feel out of sorts and discombobulated. Besides that, there was a recent death in my family of my Grammie someone who has always been a strong figure that held my family together.

It hasn’t all been negative; I recently started a new internship and I’m running a fundraiser this month too (which is consuming my life for better or worse) I hope to elaborate on all these ideas, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and get back into the spirit of sharing my fashion and life with you guys.

Thank you for your patience, hopefully I will be seeing you more,

Anna Jean

PS I’ll give you an overview of my life in pictures tomorrow…we’re talking fashion food and life


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