Don't Create Limitations 

Don't Create Limitations 

I know I missed #mondaymotivation, but I decided this week Tuesday deserved a quote. Yesterday, RAF hit 500 likes. While that may not seem like a life altering number to most, to me it marks a mini goal in my grand scheme to reach as many people as I possibly can. I want to share my fashion diaries, I want to make clothes for people to wear, I want to help people and most importantly I want people to feel like my blog and social media are safe places to have discussions and opinions and to enjoy looking at.
No matter what your goals are, don’t set limitations on yourself. Maybe cut your dreams up into hundreds of little bit size dreams, but don’t ever set a limit for yourself. Now that I hit 500 likes I want to double it.

Everyday I make a small to do list and at the end of the week I accomplish more then I would have if I just let myself be overwhelmed by the hundred different things demanding my attention. Take that idea and apply it to your goals.

QOTD: what is your big dream?

Keep working towards the big dream!!!

Anna B


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