Lace Up Vintage Style

Lace Up Vintage Style



 Wearing: Flannel | Jeans | Boots (similar)

For this OOTD I focused on textures. My jeans are cute patch work skinnies from American Eagle with horizontal details on the knees and zippers on the pockets (the latter of the two textures not pictured). To match the color scheme in the flannel, I wore bunched down oatmeal colored thigh highs peeking out of my western styled distressed ankle booties by Free Bird.

The real statement piece of my outfit is a vintage flannel, detailed with a hand made design on the back and hand hammered grommets and lace up details on the front. I made this shirt myself, spending hours painstakingly embroidering the back design of two bees in a floral circle with a partial lace trim.

I’m selling this shirt on my Big Cartel site, so here’s some shameless self promotion. Honestly, I am not going to be shy about self promo because if I don’t advocate for myself, how am I supposed to expect others to support me? If you have an idea, be true to it and follow through with it. My life, and not to mention blog’s philosophy is to run and follow your dreams to the end of the earth, so thats what I’m doing now.

This flannel is a perfect piece layered over a lace bralette, or can be worn laced up tightly and tied in a bow. The embroidered detail sets it aside from other flannels. The lace up detail is unique and eye-catching.

My freshman year of high school was saturated with the trend of oversized *fake* vintage flannels and combat boots; naturally being someone who despises dressing like other people I put my impressive collection of thrifted flannels away. Recently, I was going through my closet and I felt inspired by all these oldies but goodies therefore I decided to infuse trends together and make my own unique pieces. If you enjoy what I’ve made or my posts, stick around because I have more flannels and clothing coming soon.

With love,

Anna B


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