Self Worth & Self Happiness

Self Worth & Self Happiness


Happy Monday lovers! Surprisingly enough this is my fist #MondayMotivation of 2016, but better late then never right? That’s actually part of what I wanted to talk about today…basically I feel like as we approach the end of January the cliche of everyone giving up on their New Years resolution is starting to occur.

I get it, its cold and dark and icey in the morning, the sun is gone by the time most people get home from work, but this is the time to be stronger then ever and not give into the Winter blues. We must turn inward to find our self motivation. Everything in your life is going to directly reflect how you feel inside.

If you’re unhappy internally, it won’t matter what objects, relationships, or achievements you have. Filling yourself with happiness and satisfaction with your overall quality of life will allow you to eliminate energy wasters such as jealousy. Jealousy and self doubt are the two biggest opponents you will face. And guess what? Both of those things are fed by your brain. Let 2016 be the year you listen to your happiness, let yourself be happy with your progress. Positive reinforcement from inside will make you feel more motivated.

The best way to imagine it is to pretend your happiness is a child. If a child comes home with a project they created in school, would you compare their project to the neighbors? Would you tell the child that their best efforts weren’t as good as another child? If you answered yes to those, you shouldn’t have children first of all, and secondly you must be an extremely unhappy person.

Don’t settle for anything less then what you deserve, but set yourself reasonable goals and allow yourself to feel happy. (Happiness is proven to feel good!)

Let’s have a happy week inside and out beautiful people,

Anna B



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