The Weeknd Concert: Opening Acts 

The Weeknd Concert: Opening Acts 

As promised here’s my post on the opening acts for the Weeknd concert from this past Thursday…

I attended the concert with my best friend, who’s uncle had a connection with the Prudential Center therefore our seats were extremely close to the stage and security let us right near the stage with the standing room for the opening sets. I could feel $cott’s heavy beats vibrating in my chest as he opened with one of his hit songs “Don’t Play”. The energy was high as he talked to the crowd, asking them to stand up and bounce along to his songs. Already I could tell my voice was going to be gone the next morning as we danced to other songs on the set list such as Pornography, This Side, Drugs You Should Try It and Quintana. His provocative lyrics (to match the blatant song titles) got the mixed aged crowds hearts pumping.

After his set, Banks came on with her haunting lyrics but equally contagious energy. Her performance started cloaked in shadowed lighting and smoke swirling under multi red lighting. The entire show had an intense digital screen show synchronized to the songs and wild lighting. Her silhouette was strong wearing all black: a silky wrapped crop top and flared culotte pants with two arm bands on each arm; and her dancing border lined on other worldly. She sang some of her most popular songs such as Begging for Thread and my personal favorite Drowning. Opening for the Weeknd was a smart move for her to gain more popularity.

Travis $cott helped represent the Weeknd’s wicked beats and got the audiences bodies pumped while Bank’s haunting lyrics showcased the Weeknd’s lyrical genius while simulating the audiences minds.
See you tomorrow with the final installment of this mini series,

Anna B

PS. I actually got to touch Banks and see her up close as she walked by later in the concert!!!


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