The Weeknd Concert: What I Wore

The Weeknd Concert: What I Wore

Last Thursday night I had the phenomenal experience of seeing The Weeknd live at the Prudential Center, opened by the amazing Travis $cott and edgy Banks. The entire show was so perfect that I’m going to split it into three posts, the first is just going to be this little teaser (sorry guys!!!) and the second with be on the opening acts then finally the one on The Weeknd.

 If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen a photo very similar to the second posted pre concert on Thursday.

For the concert I kept it stylish, flashing some brand names with my Calvin Klein boxers and Adidas Superstars, while also flashing some skin in my crop top and shredded boyfriend jeans. The high neckline of my shirt allows it to be more cropped without being distasteful while also being fashion forward. Because I am wearing a tighter cropped shirt I wanted to counter balance it with baggy jeans; at the same time I didn’t want to lose the shape of my legs or overheat in the sea of bodies hence making these holey pants a perfect choice. Having narrow hips, #mycalvins allowed me to forgo the belt and reach ultimate levels of comfort with their soft cotton fabric. (10/10 would recommend splurging on these!!) Being the type of person who dances *flails* along to every song at a concert practical footwear was a must.

Check in tomorrow for the follow up article focusing on the actual musical aspect of this experience…


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