Oh, How Halloween Has Changed

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday; I am a huge candy junkie and I love dressing up. When I was little, I won best costume consistently from third till eighth grade. You can say I was a little obsessed with planning elaborate costumes that my parents and I would then build out of any arrangement of recycled goods including, but not limited to, paper mache, chicken wire, wrapping paper, hula hoops, zip ties, fabric and endless hot glue. As I’ve gotten older though, what Halloween has come to represent to my age group has definitely changed. People dress up to take off more, use it as an excuse to show more skin, and though I’m an advocate of body confidence, for some people Halloween is everyday, isn’t it?

Waking up early to painstakingly draw on their eyeliner, achieve the perfect eyebrow arch and darken their lashes with precision so by the time they walk through the doors of school or the office they have their mask both physically and characteristically on. Fake emotions, fake friendships, mindless gossip— it’s scarier than any Halloween movie I’ve ever seen.

Too many people use this holiday as an excuse to justify their desire to look hot, wear more make up then usual, or be silly. Imagine if people exuded the same confidence all year around? I like to think that Halloween is a good representation of what people actually are. Not costume-wise, but character-wise. Take the people who don’t dress up. Are they shy? Are they afraid or disinterested in social groups? And the people who dress up with their friend groups, those are their cliques after all aren’t they?

On Halloween, friend groups are even more defined, their lack of originality magnified. It’s a good chance to show who your best friend is with salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard, or other coordinating outfits. The class clowns dress comical or sarcastically, something with shock factor. I could continue to say more about my opinion of people’s costumes, but I think you guys get the gist.

What do you think of this opinion? Do you agree or disagree? What has Halloween become to you as you’ve grown up? I went out as an astronaut this year, what were you guys?

Love you all, Anna-Jean


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