Clothes: Allowing Your Outsides to Match Your Insides

Clothes: Allowing Your Outsides to Match Your Insides

This quote for todays #MondayMotivation really embodies every ideal I try to inject RAF with. Self confidence comes from within, and I believe a good relationship with yourself comes from self love and respect. That being said, wearing clothes that fit, flatter, and match how you’re feeling can really boost someones self esteem. I don’t think anyone leaves their house in the morning purposely looking bad. We wear clothes to express something to the world, every day is a new day to say something without even speaking. People want to feel good about themselves and finding clothes that accentuate their assets or make them more comfortable about their perceived flaws can help with this. I’ve seen so many people’s perceptions on themselves completely change when they find clothing that fit or flatters their body. remember, just because you don’t fit into certain clothes doesn’t mean theirs a single thing wrong with you, it just means that those clothes aren’t made for your body, While it may seem petty, finding the right clothing or style can honestly make someones mental state change in a positive manner.

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