Monday Motivation: Progress is Progress, Speed isn't Everything


Just because you took longer than others doesn’t mean you failed.

In life it becomes very easy to compare our private thoughts to everyone else’s highlight reel. Around us, through social media and social interactions we see other people getting promotions, invites to parties, or constantly posting pictures of their great lifestyles. Women are known to update whether its through Twitter or just talking about the weight they lose on a new diet, these situations occur in all sorts of forms. What’s important to remember is that whatever goal you are working on is just as attainable, and just because you’re reaching it more slowly doesn’t mean it will not be just as rewarding. Don’t get discouraged because you are struggling, channel your emotions and envy into working towards your goals. Its very easy to become focused on what everyone else has or justifying why you don’t have what someone else does and in the end thats only detracting from you. Most people bragging about there accomplishments have not achieved as much as it seems, but you don’t need to prove that to anyone, all you have to prove is your dedication to your own person goal. In other words, worry about other people less and focus on yourself more. The path you are on, for whatever reason, is the path you were meant for. Have patience, love, and never stop working towards your goals.

With love,

Anna Jean


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