Monday Motivation: Organization!

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The artistic side of me has always caused me to be cluttered a disorganized person, and lately as I become responsible for more and more I’ve been feeling stressed out and unprepared for the upcoming year. Therefore, I took some time to as the quote says, improve my quality of life. Now, I’m not saying go crazy, but designing a safe and happy environment and allowing yourself down time are just two of the endless ways you can help reduce stress.

The first thing I did, in order to save time, was make a huge list of everything I want to get done (clearly this is overwhelming at first). This list ranges from the big things like depositing checks or opening a new savings account to the small things, such as painting a picture or going out to lunch with friends. I then broke it down so I had two or three smaller tasks to do every day. By creating a tangible list it boosted my self esteem to be able to cross things off and feel productive. That monstrous list of objectives was dwindled down to bite size pieces.

The second step I took addresses the first part of this weeks quote, I reduced clutter. I love my little trinkets, and book shelves weighed down with my various treasures, but I freshened my room up by opening the windows, and taking action such as putting all my old photos or mementos into a decorative memory box. I also updated my calendar so I wouldn’t have to try and remember so many tasks. Taking an hour to myself to organize small aspects of my life allowed me to feel much more prepared and is a practice I think I will continue to do every week.

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