DIY: Photo “Wall”

DIY: Photo “Wall”

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of the process, but this little DIY I completed a few nights felt too cute not to share. Over the past year I have collected a lot of post cards, concert tickets, stickers, phrases, and things that I’ve been putting into a memory box. A few nights ago I was going through the box and some of the memories were so precious I didn’t want to keep them stored away any longer, therefor I took these two frames that matched the feel of my room which is a shabby chic kinda design, and then I picked my favorite objects from my memory box to arrange on the wall. Each item holds value or meaning for me and it really let me personalize my room.




  • Photo frames (larger or two medium ones as pictured above)
  • Double faced tape/thumb tack/adhesive strips
  • Photos, ticket stubs, quotes, postcards, fortunes, wrapping paper/ scrapbook paper
  • Scissors if necessary


  1. Use scrapbook paper or wrapping paper, scissors, and tape to make a back ground, get creative and think of the color scheme of your items.
  2. Layer your pictures, ticket stubs, quotes, and postcards, you can mess around with the layout as much as you want before attaching them.
  3. Use a hook to attach them to your wall.
  4. Enjoy the memories every time you walk by 🙂


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