Monday Motivation


Being strong doesn’t necessarily entail being able to lift hundreds of pounds, or run dozens of miles, or even being able to handle emotionally traumatizing situations, strength comes from self improvement. Each day making small changes to better yourself as a person demonstrates your strength of character. Many times people are intimidated by their dreams, afraid that they are silly, pointless, or simply  impractical. Do not cower at the prospect of your ideas whatever they may be, instead break your ideas down into smaller pieces. Making lists or doing research are a good way to start. Each small task, or achieving a miniature goal can help you gather the strength and courage to reach the ultimate goal.

Strength comes from accepting your limits and being in touch with what you want from life. However, accepting your limits does not mean accepting defeat. For instance, if you can run a mile today, work on a mile and a quarter for the next week, then after you achieve that attempt a mile and a half. If you are patient and dedicated you will be surprised with how many of your limits are self imposed. This can be applicable to nearly any goal, not just a running one.

Never live in fear, never listen to the voice of doubt in your head, you are stronger then you think.

Hold your head high,


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