Sun Shields: Hats and Sunglasses

I don’t know about any of you, but when I’m running around outside, pool hopping, shopping, and living my life over the summer I don’t always have time to regularly apply sunblock. At the same time, I value my smooth unwrinkled skin and don’t want ugly painful sunburn, the solution? Hats and sunglasses. Not only are these effective, but they can add so much to a simple outfit if you spend some time to find the perfect style for you. If you’ve checked out my Music Festival Lookbook video, you’ll have seen some of these trends already, but here’s a more detailed look.

DSC_0161 DSC_0160

Circular sunglasses, or “granny glasses” originally monopolized by John Lennon in the 1960s have seen a huge rival this year with a variety of styles, colors, and levels of reflective lenses. The same goes for cat eyes, or really any sort of funky shape from heart eyes to ray bands. Bigger is better seems to be the trend, retro, antique, tourtise shell, all go. With such a variety of glasses saturating the market right now from American Apparel to Nasty Gal to Urban Outfitters it not unusual to have a handful of glasses for different outfits. Bright opaque blue for fun casual outfits, reflective circular rims for edgier looks, aviators of the beach, the possibilities are endless.

Pairing a hat for ultimate coverage, or in place of sunglasses is a great option too. Bucket hats, (grey pictured above) are a popular unisex fashion accessory in wild prints, and the same is said about baseball caps or flat tops. My personal favorite is a wide brim hat which is fun but can also be dressed up or down and look cute with be achy waves in your hair. What are your guys summer must haves? Feel free to comment what else you want to see from me!

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