Monday Motivation + Inspiration

“Sometimes you’ve hit a low, stay hopeful. Sometimes you’ve hit a high stay humble.”

That quote originates on the Lokai homepage, a bracelet company and popular trend that actually has a message behind it. Too often pointless things or gimmicks make a trend, but this bracelet supports positivity and a well balanced life. The entire bracelet is made out of rubbery opaque beads, while there is one white bead and one black one. The white bead contains water from the peak of Mount Everest (the highs of life) and the black sphere holds mud from the black sea (the lows of life). The website demonstrates the authenticity of their message and validates the numerous organizations they work with. Overall I think it is a trend worth supporting.

IMG_4195-1 IMG_4192

This week I think it’s extremely important to focus on positivity and happiness. Too often I think it’d easy to get caught up in the wear and tear of life. Monday has been a rainy chilly day, but there is still so many things to be thankful for. The highs and lows of life are equally important and finding a balance will open up a happy healthy life.

With love,


(This post is not sponsored, I just find satisfaction with a trend that has a cause)



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