Monday Motivation

images-4 “Good things take time.” or in other words, slow and steady wins the race. Now I know thats an age old saying, over used, and half of you guys are probably rolling your eyes but hear me out.

In our day and age filled with technology, social media, and texting everyone expects everything to be fast tom the amount of likes they get in the first few minutes of posting a picture, to getting a response on a text. No longer do we have to wait for anything with express overnight shipping or instantly heated pre packaged foods. We’ve warped the concept of time and become impatient, but in reality the bigger more valuable things in life take time. For instance, the last two years of my life I have felt stuck and unmotivated, nothing seemed to go my way. I had a limited friend group and my peers were not welcoming to my ideals and style when I entered a new school, yet these last few months my life has come together. I have numerous friends and people I am friendly with, I feel inspired and productive, and I am legitimately happy. Being true to myself and my values throughout any troubles I went through in the last year has allowed me to come out of those years stronger. People have looked past my short hair and other quirks to appreciate my genuineness.

Staying true to one self, following your moral compass and making decisions to better both your mental and physical health will allow you to shine. Don’t compromise yourself for other people, don’t allow people to “walk all over you”, be firm and stead fast, dedicated and motivated, and I promise you will come out victorious.

With positivity,



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