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On last Tuesday night I had the unbelievable experience of seeing the indie-pop band “Walk the Moon” in concert at a well known New York City venue for up and coming alternative artists, Terminal 5. You’d probably best recognize this band by their recent catchy hit single “Shut Up and Dance with Me”, playing on popular radio stations such as 102.7 because of its happy care free beat and simple but effective lyrics that tend to allude to a summer bash vibe.

The entire night was a slice of heaven, but I’m first going to talk about the venue. This was my second time going to Terminal 5 which actually used to be a parking garage.

(reference image from image from ticket pick.com)

(reference image from image from ticket pick.com)

The floor of the venue is general admission and has a mosh pit vibe, while the middle floor which wraps around is for VIP bar use, and then the top floor which views the entire venue. I love the pulsing, crazy, happy feeling being in a mosh pit evokes so I stay on the first level as close as I can possibly get. And for this concert that was extremely close because by the end of the concert the lead singer, Nicholas Petricca dove onto the crowd right where I was, closely followed by guitarist Kevin Ray with his shock of blue hair.

Before Walk the Moon took the stage, their opening act was an Australian based band called the Griswalds. I didn’t originally think I knew them, but I recognized a few of their songs and they did a fantastic job of getting the audience pumped with a half hour set.

 IMG_1752 IMG_1754

There’s something to be said about experiencing live music, it feeds the soul. When you’re in a crowd of people from all paths of life, with hundreds of stories to tell, all focused on this one small group of people up on stage who are sharing their dreams with you, everything else kind of fades off into background noise and you forget who you are. Anyone who has seen Walk the Moon can attest to this feeling. Walk the Moon’s crowd was primarily female, and couple ridden, so the mosh pit was relatively friendly and safe.

IMG_1796 IMG_1793 IMG_1781

Through the concert Petricca took breaks between songs to request people live in the experience opposed to videoing or having their cellphones out which was appreciated and contributed to a more authentic experience. He also talked about the energy flow in the venue, and letting go of all our anger. Their performance was energetic, interactive, and truly felt personal, as though it were just me and the band. There is no aspect of the concert where the performers fell short.

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    I agree! Live music does “feed the soul”.

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